Day Two- April 16th

 Here we are on our 2nd day on tour – The Chorale students had an excellent time at their first night of homestays, and started out the day ready to sing and share our music with the community!


 We first had a choral exchange with Longview High School. Not only were they super warm and welcoming, but their choir was also pretty darn good. They had a great set including a beautiful women’s choir piece that they ended with. Then, they asked us a few questions about college, and we made sure to reassure them that it is completely possible to balance time between practice, homework, and Netflix.


 After lunch we had our second exchange with Union High School, who surprised us with a spirit tunnel to make us feel very welcome! Their choir director is an alumnus of Chorale, and their student conductor took his very first college class with our very own Professor Whitham, so they were extremely excited to see us. They are getting ready to compete in their state competition in a couple weeks, and they sang beautifully. After a wonderful exchange we had a few minutes to talk to each other individually, and we took the opportunity to complement each other’s performances.


 Our third stop was at Heritage high school where we exchanged with the students of their concert choir. Heritage is also going to state, and had a great set prepared for us. Their men’s chorus piece was especially exciting, and gave us all goosebumps. We had a great moment with this choir, because as it happens we have both learned the song Amore de mi Alma this year, so we were able to perform it together. We had another question and answer session with them, during which we were able to share with them our campus, choir, clubs, and overall college experience at PLU!


 After that we headed to Portland for our first performance in Oregon at Gethsemane Lutheran Church. The acoustics in the sanctuary were amazing! We loved performing there; the audience was super into the concert and we as a choir felt a strong connection to them. Between that and the open design of the hall that provided great acoustics, our music came alive in a special way tonight.

Following the concert we departed with our new host families to their homes for the night. Now we’re resting up for our high school exchanges in Salem, and concert at St. Mark Lutheran Church tomorrow!

We wanted to make sure we included little moments from the down time we have had between performances, so here are a few outtakes of sorts from today.

On the bus between high school exchanges:


Mini golf during our lunch break:

Giant chess during lunch break:

 And last but not least, a community nap time before our evening performance: 

(Photo Credit: Nicolas Roycroft, Jessi Marlow, Jordan Berg)


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