Coming to a Close- April 19

Chorale’s Dances to Life tour has officially ended! We ate breakfast at the hotel this morning, then drove over to West Linn Church for their Sunday service and our final performance of the tour. This church had many PLU grads and people who had family at PLU, so they were very familiar with our music program and school already. We were able to swap PLU stories during lunch, and hear about what some of their grads did after college. We only performed a couple songs, and Jabberwocky was not one of them, but we still got to be a little silly with their sendoff song. They gave us little instruments to use for it, and we got really into it, helping them with an exciting end to their service. The leaders at West Linn Church were very glad we that we came to help them celebrate an extended Easter holiday.

They fed us a feast. A burrito bar was set up in one corner, and a dessert table with ice cream Sundays, strawberry shortcake, and pie was in another. After this fantastic lunch, we set our course for PLU and arrived back about 3:30pm. We are now resting our voices and catching up on homework, but will be back in action Tuesday night for our homecoming concert. It is at 8pm in Lagerquist Concert Hall, and Chorale will be performing our entire set. Come on out for this final performance to hear some of the songs we’ve mentioned on the blog live, plus many more!

Finally, here are a few pictures that we wanted to share, but did not make it into previous posts. Enjoy!




One thought on “Coming to a Close- April 19

  1. Sorry to miss your homecoming concert…..I know it will be terrific,but I have a cold and the shivers today. I had a great time with you all on tour and will remember it as one of the best! Have an inspiring performance tonight!



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